Almost Green Mt.

A hike from Herman Creek Trail head to almost Green Mt. June 1, 2013

This hike let me tie together a number of trails I wanted to checking out. I started out at the Herman Creek Trailhead. The parking lot was over flowing and I had to park at a turn out. I followed Herman Creek to Casey Creek trail. I did most of my elevation gain (about 2700 ft. in 2.1 miles) on this trail and it is a steep one. This trail joins with Nick-Eaton Ridge trail at almost its highest point. With in about a mile this trail joins Gordon Creek trail and climbs to the summit of Green Mt. I did not get that far as I lost the trail in the snow up on the plateau but I still made it to 4500 ft. elevation. At this point I turn around and followed the Gordon Creek trail, which pass both Ridge Camp and Deadwood Camp, back to the junction with Herman Creek trail. From this junction and the site of the old Herman Creek camp it was just a quick mile down hill back to my car. I was on the trail eight hours and twenty minutes.