Photo of Me
Me on a hike to the top of Mississippi Head Wall on Mt. Hood in 2012

I love to get out and explore. This often means getting out for a hike or a snowshoe into the wild and beautiful place in Oregon and Washington. But I also can enjoy doing an urban hike and exploring a new neighborhood in Portland. Of course there are times when I will take off on my cheap bike and explore a part of the 40 mile loop bike trail. Well there are also times in the summer when kayaking on a high mountain like is grand. And there are road trips when the weather is bad or I am in need of restful weekend. OK, almost anything to get me out of the house where I also have my business that I spend all of my time sitting a computer or a workbench. Fortunately living in Portland gives lots of opportunities to go do interesting stuff. So I am out the door when I can get the chance.

Photo of Me
On the summit of South Sister back in 2009

My early college training was as a photojournalist and I still love to take pictures. So it is natural for me to have a camera with while out on an adventure or trek. And guess what, an Internet website is a great place to put up stories told with pictures. So you’re starting to get the picture why this site is here and what it is about. It is about a place for me to put my pictures and tell the stories of my hikes, snowshoes, kayaks, bike rides, urban rambles, road trips and what ever other interesting outings, treks, and adventures I can find to get me out of the house. I hope some of them are interesting enough to you to take a look at them and enjoy. Cheers.