Campsite Exploring & Hike

I did a drive up to Mt. Hood National Forest to look for camping spots and to get a hike in. I checked out the Milk Maid Flat area and found several good spots there. I went on up to the old pass road and found it full of homeless encampments and that the wonderful Paradise Park camp had been decommissioned and the road to it gone. That removes access to Paradise Park Trail so I guess they got ride of that wonderful trail. With the number of homeless it was unsafe to park to do Hidden Lake trail or Zig Zag Fall trail, so sad. I ended up doing an overnight camp at a spot in Milk Made Flats and did a good conditioning hike up Cast Creek Trail. The next morning I left early to return home.


Hike up Cast Creek Trail – little over 9 mile in and out, over 2000 ft. elevation gain and About 4 hours on the trail.